The presence of double chin is a common problem for most women in their late twenties and early thirties. It is a natural sign of ageing and loosening of skin around the facial and neck area. A double chin is a fairly common occurrence and is essentially an accumulation of fat at the base of the chin area. Some of the most common causes of double chin are: excess weight, genetics and loosening of skin.

There are various remedies available for people suffering from this particular problem. Simple exercises like neck rotation and movement everyday can help prevent the formation of fat below the chin. Eating right and exercising are very important to prevent the occurrence of double chin. However, today’s hectic and sedentary lifestyles have made this a frequent problem for men and women alike. Cosmetic and dermatological treatments are also another way of curing double chin issues.

1. What cosmetic procedure can be undergone to eliminate double chin?

Various kinds of minor surgeries are usually recommended by doctors to cure the problem of double chin. Some of the types of surgeries are chin liposuction, neck lift surgery and submentoplasty. These can be performed standalone, or in a combination as deemed fit by the doctor for each specific case at hand.

2. What is the difference between the different kinds of surgeries available?

Excessive fat accumulated is removed in chin liposuction. Neck lift surgery involves the removal of excess skin to make the chin appear more toned. Submentoplasty helps to tighten the muscles at the base of the chin and neck area.

3. Is laser treatment an option to cure double chin?

Laser rays are also another way of curing double chin issues. It is a non- invasive procedure and uses FDA approved laser ray exposure on the affected area to burn fat cells in a quick procedure.

4. Are the results of cosmetic procedures temporary?

Any cosmetic treatment performed by a skilled and professional doctor would leave permanent results, as the fat cells are effectively removed during the procedure. A relapse is generally not predicted after any kind of surgery or lift performed on the chin.

5. What is the average cost of undergoing cosmetic procedures for double chin?

Any chin related cosmetic or dermatological treatment costs around INR 85,000 to INR 1,26,000 for a single treatment. Multiple treatments would cost additionally, for complicated or severe cases. Prior consultation with the doctors is advisable for patients.


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