Also called ‘mycosis’, fungal infections are a common skin ailment wherein an infection is formed because of any kind of fungus. A severe fungal infection can spread to the underlying tissues, bones and even organs. However, most cases are not that severe and can be treated by doctors over a period of time with antifungal medicines. Mycosis is caused by harmful fungi which affect the immune system of the person affected.

There are four major kinds of fungal infections- ringworm, jock itch, yeast infection and athlete’s foot. Ringworm is caused by fungi that live on dead cells like in hair, nails and skin. Jock itch is an infection that arises mostly in the genitals or moist areas like inner thighs. It is common in warm countries and seasons. Yeast infection is common in women and is caused by an overgrowth of the ‘candida albicans’ fungus. Athlete’s foot is an infection which affects the foot. The fungus responsible can grow in warm climates and the resultant sweat.

Mycosis is caused by the abnormal growth or multiplication of certain harmful fungi on a particular body part. It could affect the genitals, feet, thighs, arms or legs of a person. Yeast infections are an invasion on the body’s natural immune system and are caused by humid climates, exposure to dust and dirt, conflict with other medicines etc.

Various kinds of fungal infections have differing visible symptoms. Some common symptoms of a developing yeast infection are cracking or peeling of skin, a discernible change in skin colour and itching and irritable skin.

Over the counter anti-fungal medication is available in the form of creams, ointments and sprays. Since it is a fairly common ailment, pharmacies even provide them directly based on the patient’s visible symptoms. It is advisable to visit the doctor in case the condition does not improve with the OTC medicines. Furthermore, oral and topical creams are also another treatment option generally prescribed by doctors for fungal infections.



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