The gold toning treatment helps to reduce the impact that acne and pimples have on the skin. Acne often causes bumps and reddish marks to appear on the surface of the skin, which do not fade easily. These marks affect the appearance of the skin and can lead to more rashes and infections if not treated for a long time.

Gold toning uses laser rays to target acne spots. The affected skin around acne spots and pimples is also benefited with the gold toning treatment. This procedure is a minimally invasive one and requires very little downtime post treatment.

1. How does the gold toning treatment work?

Laser rays penetrate the skin to target the hemoglobin and melanin cells of the skin. This helps to eradicate uneven pigmentation and reduce the dark spots caused on the surface. Gold toning in a way flushes out the impurities present under the skin surface to reveal a glowing and radiant skin.

2. Does this procedure require anesthesia?

The laser rays used for the process are not harmful and do not inflict pain on the skin. The usage of anesthesia is not required for gold toning treatment for acne spots.

3. Which skin conditions get treated with gold toning?

Common skin problems like blemishes, post acne lesions, redness, rosacea and the appearance of a flushed face get resolved with this procedure.

4. What is the downtime required after treatment?

Technically there is no downtime required after this procedure, as it is minimally invasive and harsh on the skin. However, certain individual cases may need up to 72 hours to fully recover and resume normal activity.

5. How long does this procedure take? When can one see visible results?

Gold toning treatments are undertaken in around 5 sessions conducted on a weekly or biweekly basis. More severe cases can require additional sessions at the doctor’s discretion. The response time for seeing visible results after the gold toning treatment is different for every individual. Sometimes effects can be observed in a span of a few days.

6. What are the benefits from the treatment?

Redness and inflammation from acne is reduced to a large extent. Face flushing is eradicated and the skin gets a more glowing and youthful look. Also, melasma/ skin discoloration gets treated effectively with gold toning laser treatments.


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