The Hollywood carbon peel is a specialized peel, which employs the usage of laser treatment for improving the appearance and texture of the skin. In this procedure, a black carbon peel is applied on the skin surface, after which the skin in subjected to laser rays, which heat the solution. These rays help the carbon particles to react internally and exfoliate the skin in the process.

Technically, the laser rays target the melanin cells of the skin, which are responsible for pigmentation. Once the melanin cells get disintegrated, the skin appears brighter and glowing. Hollywood carbon peels are known to provide movie star glowing skin in a short span of time. They reduce fine lines, age spots, uneven skin tones and acne spots.

1. Is the procedure safe?

The Hollywood carbon peel is one of the safest and most gentle options to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. It is effective, safe and does not harm the skin adversely. Carbon peels are less reactive as compared to other chemical peels, which could prove harmful for the skin in the long run.

2. How many sessions are required for the procedure?

This peel can be completed in a single session of around an hour. It does not require multiple sessions, as it is a light yet impactful peel solution. Patients may opt for consultation sessions prior to the treatment to better understanding of the procedure and undertake skin tests to avoid chances of adverse reactions in future.

3. Which skin conditions do the Hollywood carbon peel treat?

Skin problems like uneven skin tone; age lines and scars, ageing skin, dullness and this specific peel can cure lifeless skin. With exposure to laser rays and a carbon mask, skin cells get rejuvenated. Effects of the peel are more visible in a week’s time.

4. Are there any side effects from this procedure?

Due to the exposure to laser rays, skin may become itchy, swollen or dry. Sensitive skin may become scarred or undergo changes in color or even get infected. Swelling of the skin is temporary and can be cured with cold packs.

5. What is the technique of the procedure?

Carbon peeling involved four major steps, which are: cleansing of the skin, application of the carbon lotion, exposure to laser rays and finally dressing of the skin post exposure. It is vital to keep the skin moisturized and hydrated after the procedure, to prevent any adverse reactions or side effects on the treated skin.


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