Plasma therapy is a form of medical procedure to aid the human body to improve healing process. This could be after a cosmetic surgery, or for patients with muscular or skeletal problems. Plasma therapy is used by doctors on athletes, to improve blood clotting and prevent excessive bleeding after injury.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is administered through the use of injections with platelet rich plasma proteins. These benefit the patient by expediting healing process after a heavy injury or cosmetic or dermatological surgery.

PRP therapy is not a permanent solution, and patients may require follow up injections at least once every year. Results of the PRP therapy are visible in a few months, and its effects last about a year. Platelet rich plasma therapy is useful for problems like hair loss, poor clotting of blood, musculoskeletal and skeletal health issues.

1. How does PRP therapy work?

Doctors draw platelets from the patient’s blood stream to prepare a concentrate of platelets. This is then administered into the patient’s blood stream by injections. Plasma is rich in platelet proteins and this accelerates healing processes for patients. PRP therapy is used for patients with muscular, skeletal or skin problems.

2. Is the PRP therapy safe and effective?

Platelet rich plasma therapy uses blood from the patient to draw platelets. As there is no external blood transfusion, it is a safe and effective method to target musculoskeletal and dermatological skin disorders. However, PRP therapy could involve certain side effects like infections and injury to blood vessels and the nervous system.

3. What is the downtime required after PRP therapy?

It is common to experience some pain after a PRP injection for patients. Pain relieving medication is available, however the pain starts to subside in three to four weeks after the injection. PRP therapy brings regeneration of tissues, and this is an ongoing process after an injection.

4. How many sittings are required for PRP therapy?

Depending on the area of the body being treated, platelet rich plasma therapy is administered to patients. The duration of treatment would differ based on the particular purpose of treatment. Generally, PRP injections are administered in two to three sessions every 6 to 12 months.


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