Stretch marks are a common skin problem, which lead to the formation of scarring on the skin. These scars are visible as they have a lighter hue, as compared to the skin tone. Stretch marks are commonly caused due to rapid weight loss or gain, pregnancy or even after puberty.

Stretch marks form because of the tearing of dermis. Dermis gets torn because of stretching of the skin. People experience stretch marks due to heavy exercising, bodybuilding, and hormonal changes during pregnancy or puberty.

There are various remedies available for curing stretch marks such as over the counter topical medicines and ointments. Dermatologists also offer services to reduce the appearance of stretch marks like laser treatments, cosmetic surgeries and micro needling.

Here are some of the ways by which stretch marks can be treated through dermatological procedures:

1. Laser treatment

Laser rays are beamed on to the areas affected by stretch marks. These rays help in the disintegration of these marks and the gradual fading of stretch marks. Pulses of laser rays are radiated on the skin to make it appear smoother and free of marks. It is advisable to undertake patch tests before the treatment to determine the potential effectiveness of the procedure. Laser rays can cause redness and irritation for patients with sensitive skin.

2. Microdermabrasion

Doctors treat the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis), to stimulate it and tighten the underlying tissues. With the tightening of the collagen in the skin, stretch marks get faded with time. Mild exfoliants are also applied to the skin to aid in the process of removal of stretch marks. It is an effective method, for patients with mild stretch marks.

3. Cosmetic Surgery

Surgery is often considered as a last resort for severe stretch marks. It is associated with its own risks, and it is advisable to have proper consultation with doctors before undergoing surgery. Tummy tucks are performed to remove excess fat and stretch marks in the tummy area. Cosmetic surgery can leave scarring of its own. However, it can permanently erase stretch marks from the body. Cosmetic procedures are common in the film and television industry around the world.

4. Micro needling

It can be considered a form of acupuncture, as needles are inserted to reach the middle layer of the skin (dermis). This is the very layer where stretch marks begin to form. With the insertion of needles, collagen production is enhanced which improves the overall texture of the skin. Micro needling is more effective to remove stretch marks over a period of time, and for patients with dark skin.


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