Fractional resurfacing uses the ‘Fraxel’ laser for treatment. Fraxel lasers are very small lasers, which treat skin problems in a benign manner. They only target a fraction of the skin and bring visible changes in cosmetic skin problems like acne, sun-spots, dullness, pigmentation problems, and fine lines.

Fractional laser treatments are minimally invasive and relatively painless procedures. The downtime required after the session is also less, and patients can resume normal activity almost immediately. Fraxel lasers have become the next big advancement in cosmetic skin treatments.

1. How does the Fraxel laser work on the affected skin?

The Fraxel laser works on two wavelengths. These are used to treat specific skin problems. The 1550 Fraxel wavelength is normally used to treat acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines which appear on the skin due to ageing. The 1927 Fraxel wavelength is used to cure sun-spots, age spots and pigmentation issues.

2. Is fractional resurfacing a safe method to erase acne scars?

Among the cosmetic procedures available, Fraxel lasers are quite safe and effective to reduce the visibility of acne scars. It is however a safer option to consult a qualified medical practitioner to determine the safety of the procedure on an individual basis.

3. What are the precautions to be taken before the procedure?

Doctors advise patients to avoid exfoliation and cosmetic products around a week before the procedure. This is done to protect the skin from any added pressure or adverse reactions from the chemicals in cosmetic products. In case the patient suffers from active acne or pimples right before the Fraxel treatment, the session may get postponed at the doctor’s recommendation.

4. How long does the procedure last? Is it a painful process?

The Fraxel laser treatment to cure acne spots is a short procedure, which can be completed, in a single sitting of around an hour. Topical anesthetics are used on the affected area, to reduce the impact of the laser. This makes the procedure less painful. However, the level of pain experienced by every patient is relative depending on the skin sensitivity and skin type.

5. Are there any side effects from the procedure?

Fraxel lasers are one of the most benign and less invasive lasers as compared to other stronger laser treatments used to cure more severe ailments like vitiligo, psoriasis and hyperpigmentation. Patients may undergo blistering, peeling and redness of skin after the session. However, this settles in about a week for most people.


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