Moles appear as an overgrowth over the skin. Moles are very common, and mostly make an appearance during childhood and adolescence. Warts appear as blister like infections on the skin surface and are caused by the HPV viral infection. Skin tags are technically called ‘acrochordons’ and are small tumour like growths on the skin. They generally form in areas of the skin which rub together frequently like armpits, genital area or neck. Corns form on areas on the feet where skin thickens due to application of pressure. Corns can become painful dead skin tissues in severe cases.

  • When melanocytes (skin colour cells) grow in clusters, instead of uniformly over the skin, moles appear on the affected surface. Moles can grow darker during pregnancy and due to high exposure to the sun.
  • Common warts are caused due to an infection from the HPV (human papillomavirus). Even a small scratch can bring a wart infection to the skin.
  • Skin tags mostly grow in folds of skin. Obesity is believed to be one of the reasons of skin tags. Another cause is when blood vessels and collagen in the skin cluster together and get caught in thicker pieces of skin.
  • Corns are caused from excess pressure on the skin. It is a common foot condition and can occur from wearing poorly fit shoes, or even from exertion from standing too long.
  • Symptoms of moles are the formation of roundish brown or black coloured spots on certain areas. They can be of any shape and size and can change colour over a period of time.
  • Warts can be identified as fleshy skin growths which are not comfortable to touch. Warts can be of skin colour, white, or even brown. The patient may experience itching as well.
  • Skin tags can be found in skin folds as fleshy harmless growths of skin. Skin tags get itchy with rubbing from clothing or skin.
  • Corns appear on the foot and can be identified by thick or rough skin at the affected area. Corns can be sensitive and prone to growing pain.
  • Moles can be removed by shave excision, laser therapy and minor excisional surgeries.
  • Warts can be treated by salicylic acid based medication, laser therapy, cryotherapy or by performing minor surgery on the affected area.
  • Small skin tags can be removed independently, however a doctor must be consulted beforehand. Larger skin tags can be eliminated with surgery.
  • Corns can be treated effectively by soaking feet in warm water, wearing well fit shoes, moisturizing the feet properly and keeping toenails well trimmed.



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