A skin allergy or skin rash occurs as a temporary reaction to certain allergens. Allergies can cause blisters, welts, reddish bumps and scaly skin on the areas affected. Skin allergies are typically itchy and irritable as a result of an infection or attack on the body’s internal immune system. Skin rashes are usually not due to some form of disease, but just a reaction to certain conditions that the body is not adapted to. For example- hot or humid weather, skin fitted clothes and excessive sun exposure.

Some of the different kinds of skin allergies are- hives, eczema, contact dermatitis, food allergies and bacterial or fungal infections.

Being the outermost protective layer of the human body, the skin serves as a barrier to harmful viruses, bacteria and foreign substances that could harm the body. Sometimes, these substances can cause the skin to react, resulting in inflammation and rashes. Skin allergies are a result of the body trying to fight foreign bodies. They are an effect of an immune system action triggered by the body to fight infections.

Allergies can cause blisters, rashes, reddish spots or welts to appear on the skin. They could cause the skin to become itchy, flaky, irritable or dry. Some substances that could cause skin allergies are- cosmetics, chemicals, foods, medicines and sunlight and humid weather conditions.

Different kinds of allergies have different symptoms, and they could vary as per every individual case. This is because every person’s skin type and composition is never exactly alike, not even in the same family. Skin allergies generally cause itchiness, irritable and flaky skin with reddish bumps or blisters visible on the surface

An effective way to treat skin allergies is to avoid the source of the substance causing the allergy. This gives the system time to recuperate and regenerate from the skin allergy’s effects. It is advisable to not scratch or touch the affected area, to promote faster healing of the rash.

Other ways to treat skin allergies are: cooling ointments and creams like calamine lotion, consumption of antihistamines and other medication as prescribed by the doctor.



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