Fissures or cracks on the hands and feet are caused mainly due to dryness and low nourishment of the skin. These cracks are very common for individuals on the fingers, knuckles and heels. Painful fissures can also be a result of genetics or the nature of work of an individual. Dry and flaky skin is a sign of low maintenance or poor weather exposure to the skin, and should be taken care of instantly before further damage is caused.

Dry skin on the hands and feet is caused due to the constant contact with cleaning products and the overall environmental temperature changes every day. Skin can also get dry and flaky because of the nature of work of a person, for example manual labour.

Fissures can also be a hereditary condition, whereby a person can be more prone to this ailment if there is a family history of dry and flaky skin. Constant temperature changes and exposure of the skin to this can also lead to a reactive dry skin on the hands and feet. Sometimes, certain medications can create an allergic reaction resulting in flakiness in the hands and feet.

Cracked heels can be because of standing for a long period of time, or otherwise straining the feet with our weight or hard surfaces. Feet are also more prone to the development of painful fissures as they do not contain sweat (sebaceous) glands.

  • Development of small itchy cracks or blisters
  • Dry and flaky skin
  • Uneven cuticles
  • Burning sensation around the cracks

Self-care is the most effective form of treatment for dry and scaly skin on the hands and feet. One must take care to maintain a skin care routine which involves cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin. Gloves are essential in case the hands come in regular contact with chemicals or cleaning agents. Over the counter ointments are also available to alleviate the pain from cracked skin.

Well fitted shoes are essential to prevent the problem of fissures on the feet. Moisturization is very important, especially in the winter months. One must also avoid uncomfortable shoe choices like high heels or shoes with bad soles.



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